Heather Jackson


  • GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® exercises are designed for people of all ages and fitness levels. Applications range from helping a ballet dancer better access their turn-out, to assisting a joint-replacement patient regain strength and mobility. With this system, a golfer my enhance their swing with increased spinal rotation, while someone who works at a computer all day may find relief from neck and back pain. Everyone can truly benefit from the system.

  • Is there equipment? GYROTONIC® lessons can be taught on the Pulley Tower Combination Unit, the Archway, the Leg Extender Unit, the GYROTONER®, and/or the Jumping-Stretching Board. The equipment will help guide you through a flowing, three-dimensional workout that will involve and invigorate the whole body. Exercises can be done sitting, standing, lying down or kneeling, depending on your goals, needs or capabilities. There is no equipment needed for GYROKINESIS® exercises.

  • What should you wear? Students should wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothes and socks are all you need. If you wear shorts, choose those with lining as some of the exercises are done with the legs overhead.

  • How long is a lesson? Each session is 55 minutes in length though a personal intensive of a longer time may be booked.

  • How often should you practice? As with any physical activity, the more often you practice, the better you feel.  Once a week on a consistent basis is the minimum suggested. Then you can start integrating these exercises in the way you carry yourself day to day by creating new muscle patterns. After your first session, you will notice yourself standing taller.  Exercises may be given as “homework” that do not require any special equipment.

  • How much does it cost? Each studio has its own pricing structure, one on one private sessions are $95, group classes are less, and there are intro packages for new clients:  See links to Center GYROTONIC®  for rates.